Required: Islamic scholars (Imam) for Mosque

Islamic scholars (Imam) for Mosque Full Time Salary £25,000 – £27,000 Job Overview: We are seeking a qualified and experienced Imam to provide spiritual leadership, guidance, and community support. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of Islamic theology, possess excellent communication skills, and be dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive mosque environment.

Required: Charity Worker / Volunteer Worker

Required: Charity Worker / Volunteer Worker Job Overview: The charity worker / volunteer worker at Masjid plays a pivotal role in supporting both charitable initiatives and general operational tasks essential for the upkeep and functioning of the masjid. This position involves actively participating in various charitable activities, alongside helping in maintaining the cleanliness of the […]

Time table and useful tips to memories the Quran

For the students and parents of hifz class Spend 35 to 40 minutes to learn your next day sabaq before going to sleep. The optimum time to memorize the Quran is shortly after Fajr prayer in the morning. (When the Fajr is early in summer then wake up 1 hour before going to school) Spend […]

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