Required: Charity Worker / Volunteer Worker

Required: Charity Worker / Volunteer Worker

Job Overview: The charity worker / volunteer worker at Masjid plays a pivotal role in supporting both charitable initiatives and general operational tasks essential for the upkeep and functioning of the masjid. This position involves actively participating in various charitable activities, alongside helping in maintaining the cleanliness of the masjid premises and aiding other team members in diverse tasks as needed.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Charitable Program Participation:
•Engage enthusiastically in charitable activities such as food drives, clothing donations, financial assistance, and other community support programs organized by the masjid.
•Work closely with the charity worker and other team members to ensure the successful planning, execution, and follow-up of charitable initiatives.

2.Community Engagement and Support:
•Interact warmly with community members, fostering a welcoming atmosphere within the masjid.
•Assist in outreach efforts to promote awareness of charitable activities and encourage community participation and support.
•Collaborate with local organizations and stakeholders to extend the masjid’s reach and impact within the community.

3.Masjid Maintenance and Cleaning:
•Take responsibility for cleaning designated areas of the masjid premises, including prayer halls, bathrooms, and common areas, to maintain a clean and orderly environment.
•Perform cleaning tasks diligently and efficiently, ensuring high standards of hygiene and presentation are consistently met.
•Work in coordination with other team members to divide cleaning duties and ensure comprehensive coverage of all areas.

4.General Support and Assistance:
•Offer support to fellow team members in various tasks, such as event setup, administrative duties, and facility maintenance.
•Adapt readily to changing priorities and needs within the masjid, demonstrating flexibility and a willingness to contribute wherever help is required.
•Collaborate closely with the charity worker and other staff members to streamline operations and optimize resources.

•No specific educational qualifications required; enthusiasm and dedication are highly valued.
•Previous experience in volunteer work, community service, or similar roles is beneficial but not mandatory.
•Strong interpersonal skills and a friendly demeanour, with a genuine desire to serve and support others.
•Physical stamina and the ability to perform cleaning tasks effectively and efficiently.
•Willingness to work collaboratively as part of a team and contribute positively to a diverse and inclusive environment.
•Familiarity with Islamic teachings and values, particularly those related to charity and community service, is advantageous.

Working Conditions: The charity worker / volunteer worker will primarily operate from the masjid premises, with flexibility required for occasional evening and weekend duties to accommodate events and prayer times. The role involves physical tasks such as cleaning and lifting, as well as interactions with community members and fellow team members.

Application Process: Prospective volunteers should express their interest by contacting the masjid administration or charity worker directly. An informal interview or orientation session may be conducted to discuss roles, responsibilities, and expectations. Volunteer applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis, and scheduling will be arranged to accommodate individual availability.

Required: Charity Worker / Volunteer Worker

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